Reflections from the Windows 8 launch in South Africa

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Many companies rarely announce the next generation of one of their flagship products as ‘revolutionary’. Instead of using it as proof of their own excellence, in fact, very few companies provide any rational justifications why their new product is befitting such a prestigious ‘accolade’. In Microsoft’s case however, the new Windows 8 was dubbed ‘Windows re-imagined’ – automatically invoking a feeling of high expectation.

Microsoft’s Windows 8 launch event which was held last week Thursday in Johannesburg signaled ‘a statement of intent’ Microsoft wanted to make with the release of the new operating system. Those who were fortunate enough to have attended the event can probably attest, it turned out to be a very awesome event. Mr Mteto Nyati, Microsoft’s MD in South Africa showcased (for the first time) the new Standard Bank app for windows 8 yet to be released, and strongly urged developers to build more local apps for the new platform.

First impressions of Windows 8 from a regular user’s point of view are:

  1. Not only did Windows 8 meet the expectations given the high profile launch and publicity, it actually exceeded them.
  2. It’s unfortunate that we no longer allowed to call the new tiles-based, touch-centric User Interface metro, but I am quite fond of the idea of having a seamless user experience across all the windows devices, (the laptop or desktop, phone and tablet). However, it takes a little bit of time adjusting to the new UI as a result of a few changes to the UI from the previous operating system. but after spending a little bit of time with it, the experience gradually becomes flawless.

In conclusion, it’s only been a short time running Windows 8, there are still probably a lot features yet to be discovered but as I continue personalising it to my daily needs there may be a few worth sharing with you over here. On Thursday the Windows Phone 8 is being revealed to us in Cape Town  with it,  Windows Phone 8X by HTC, the first Windows Phone 8 signature mobile phone to launch in South Africa.And yes, WhatsApp is available on Windows Phone 8 Will you do the Windows 8 Upgrade?

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