Mozcation Cape Town

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If you are involved in digital marketing, search engine optimization in particular, then SEOmoz should be quite familiar to you. They're bringing Rand Fishkin, an excellent speaker on all things inbound marketing, to Cape Town. Register here to book your spot. If not here is a little history lesson:

SEOmoz is a Seattle based company that creates some of the world’s best SEO software. They are visiting Cape Town in January 2013 to meet the Cape Town SEO community.

Each year SEOmoz goes on a vacation to destinations near and far from their head-office to meet SEOs from other parts of the world, to share their love of SEO and to have a holiday away from the Mozplex.

SEOmoz selects MozCation destinations, based on nominations from their community of more than 250,000 members.

In July 2012, Andre Van Kets and Allen Jaffe — members SEOmoz and South Africa’s White Hatter’s community — compiledthis video and infographic, which resulted in Rand Fishkin announcing Cape Town as one of three MozCation destinations for 2012/2013.

Here's the initial Mozcation Cape Town announcement... To our American friends coming to our beautiful city, Cape Town is not spelt Capetown. It is 2 words. Web AddiCT looks forward to seeing you there.