A Culture of Distraction #FordNAIAS

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I recently traveled to Detroit, courtesy of Ford, to attend the North American International Auto Show 2013. Yes, there were cars, cars, a bakkie and more cars of the past present and future but being a Web AddiCT plenty of other things on my journey distracted me. Like this video I found on On Innovation, featuring Dean Kamen on the Culture of Distraction.

We now have all of those attributes of a culture that’ll tolerate. But they’re not tolerating that weird guy or that weird woman that will work seven days a week, obsessed with flying or building a rocket.

We now use that same metric and what we want is people that are extreme at sports in which the goal is literally to knock somebody unconscious.

It’s now, I understand, the fastest growing sport out there. We put on the pedestal the people that are the most unusual in terms of bounce, bounce, bounce, and throw.

The Culture of Distraction