Are you ‘Satisfied’ with your Mobile Operating System?

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If you watch any youtube reviews of the current leading smart phones on the market, or read an article in the news profiling any of the top devices, the everlasting debate about which mobile OS is superior, tend to elicit some kind of reaction of: “operating system x is better than y because of such and such, therefore itโ€™s the best”. Perhaps, from a satisfaction point of view, what if x (IOS) was better than y (Android) and the rest (Windows Phone and RIM)? Surely, that wouldnโ€™t go too well with enthusiasts. But then again, what if it is incidentally, empirically proven?

Take a look at the following chart

mobile os satisfaction

The following chat is a result of a survey done by ChangeWave Research, of which 4061 people were surveyed. Astoundingly, 71% of iOS users reported to be very satisfied with their mobile OS, compared to just 48% of Android users who felt very satisfied with their mobile OS. Interestingly enough, more than half (53% to be exact) of Windows Phone users felt very satisfied with their mobile OS.

if this was a popularity contest, Android would surely be at forefront, with more Android activations than the number of babies being born, but unfortunately for Android, popularity and satisfaction are two different factors.

It also seems like larger smart phone screens are in demand. According to the same research, 52% of respondents were interested in buying phones with screens between 4 to 4.9 inch screens, while 27% were interested in 5inch and above.


In conclusion,

While it occurs regularly that most reviewers in the media seem to have their own unofficial decree about which mobile OS is the best, quite often it is largely a result of their personal sentiments — However, the data tend to paint a totally different picture.

For a comprehensive analysis of the results ย of the Changewave research, find out more here, but before that, let’s run our own mini Web AddiCT’s poll. Tell us in the comment section, which mobile OS are you running, ย and if you are ‘very satisfied’ with it?


Your are the first person in your social graph to know! Share it with your wwworld now ๐Ÿ—บ๏ธ

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