My Experience at tothePOINT seminar

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To the Point seminar is a good gateway to learn internet marketing for small business owners and individuals who are interested in the subject. It offered a great introduction into internet marketing (Email Marketing and Social Media) for people whose knowledge is very little to none on this subject.

Leon Lateganโ€™s input on e-mail marketing was very useful. He pointed out that e-mail marketing is still an effective and relatively cheap way of marketing your product and to keep in touch with your client base. He further emphasized that email marketing needs to be useful to your product and say what you want to communicate. It also should not spam the reader (client), otherwise people will lose interest and you will lose customers this way.

E-mail news letters should be broken up, maybe in two different emails with the same message. This way you can try and see what works and what not. You should also play around with different buttons and descriptions to test if people respond to your ad. An e-mail newsletter should be monitored to see how many people actually reads it and if does what you want it to do. The subject line should be Useful, Ultra Specific, Unique and Urgent.

ย Juan Karstel demonstrated that it is not necessary to be on all social media channels. Rather be on the top two or three and utilize them then to be on every social platform and not make fully use of them or to bored people with the same content over and over on other channels of social media. He also mentioned not to update the your different social media platforms at the same time, but rather to do it a few days later or to change the story a bit and to see on which channel the news/message gets through the most.

In conclusion, Social Media plays and integral part in marketing and internet marketing is really the way forward as it can be applied more affectively, timely and itโ€™s more conveniently and cheaply than traditional marketing.


Your are the first person in your social graph to know! Share it with your wwworld now ๐Ÿ—บ๏ธ

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