BBM coming to Android and iPhone

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bbm android iphone

I don’t know wether to be happy or sad that Blackberry Messenger (BBM) is coming to android and iOS this weekend. For years Blackberry has been the dominant mobile phone in South Africa due to cheap internet access and it’s exclusive BBM mobile instant messenger app.

BBM for Android will be available in Google’s Play store, the Apple App Store and from BlackBerry’s own web shop over the weekend,, although it’s not live yet. How long before all Blackeberry users will start wanting BBM on PC?

Is this the final nail in the Blackberry coffin? I think so. I sense BBM to be spun of into a brand new company and the end of Blackberry phone hardware as we know it. Only time will tell. With WhatsApp already the dominant cross-platform mobile IM client that everyone including my late grandfather used do you see a future for Blackberry? I’d love you opinion. BBM for Android and BBM for iPhone? Good idea bad idea?