How Would Nelson Mandela Measure Success?

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measure your success Day 2 of the #30daychallenge where I choose to change everything in 30 days. How will reaching the goal of changing everything in 30 days be measured? Here’s a quick recap of the rules.

  • Create something meaningful that is sustainable, adds value to those I work with, and is built on the foundation of not treating people like objects and objects like people.
  • Utilising only the resources previously written about or covered on this blog.
  • Working only with people I’ve met through this blog.
  • Document each day here.
  • The result of the #30daychallenge will be announced in a Linkedin update in 30 days.

Since it’s Nelson Mandela’s birthday, I asked myself: when it comes to measuring the success of this #30daychallenge, “What would Nelson Mandela do?” A quick Google search revealed this: Nelson Mandela Success QuoteThis has been one of the biggest lessons I’ve taken from the last 12 months, and is something I’d like to be fully cognizant of throughout the duration of this challenge. Thing is, no matter how much of anything you have – not just money – if you don’t have freedom, success will not follow. Another ditch in the road: beware of those types… you know, seemingly ardent Brazil fans who, throughout the World Cup, sport their Brazil Jerseys but can’t ditch it fast enough to don Germany’s colours as soon as the final whistle’s been blown. In #30days, everything will be different. Part of my personal #30daychallenge will be to cut ties with people who change allegiances like they change their underwear. And taking those steps will be the first sign and measure of success in this Web AddiCT(s)’ books.

walking away

Nic Haralambous wrote a seminal listicle* on lessons his 30 year old self would give to his 20 year old self. I concur with 6 & 7 and it’s the only reason I am venturing on this #30daychallenge, really.

6) Trust Even if it kills your relationships. Even if it destroys your ideas. Even if you lose your friends. Even if it means you end up getting hurt. Trust people until they give you a reason not to. But don’t be naïve. Some people are out to fuck you.

7) People People are the best and worst thing that will happen to you. Some will help you go further, faster. Others will pull you down to their level and help you lose. Most are OK. Many are average. Some are excellent. A few people will change your life forever. Find them. You don’t need a lot of friends or people around you. You need amazing people who do for you as you do for them. It’s simple really, a lot of average friends will leave you feeling alone when you need to feel surrounded by people who care.

There are many other ways to measure success of your own personal #30daychallenge. If it was health and fitness related, I’d give the Free Adidas Micoach app a go. If you wanted to improve your budget, MoneySmart could help. If you’re looking at goals and objectives that are more business related, for instance, increasing and measuring your sales, try the onsight app. Google Analytics, of course, will help to measure your website success. If you wanted to improve your driving and allow Discovery to record every single thing your phone does (even voice, just like PRISM), then look into the Discovery Driving Challenge App. responsible

People usually struggle to decipher my written communication (it’s tough being a geek), so I’m trying to improve it – let’s just add it to my list of personal challenges… and yes, I’m spell checking before I publish these #30daychallenge posts too 🙂

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Your are the first person in your social graph to know! Share it with your wwworld now 🗺️

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