Solutions: Day 6 of the #30daychallenge

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This is my solution for improving Bitcoin usability

Yesterday I mentioned that I’d be applying the 5 fingers of business proposal writing to the #30daychallenge. Since the first finger is all about Solutions, I thought I’d share one of my more recent ones – a solution that was born on a peaceful island in S.E Asia while you were trying to win the s4zoom here.

Innovation is born from constraint. difficulties exist to be surmounted.  So what was this challenge I was faced with? I was trying to figure out a way to manage and measure the s4zoom contest more efficiently. Basically, it boiled down to me wanting to free up some time so I could make the most of my island adventure. And that’s when hybrid thinking led me to tint. At the time, one of the awesome companies I work with required a solution to the same problem I was faced with on my holiday: how do we efficiently monitor, measure, moderate and manage a social media campaign (involving a lot of photo and videos entries)? With the technical execution you’ve become used to seeing here, some strategic thinking, and a sprinkle of integrated marketing techniques… the perfect solution to the client’s problem revealed itself to me.

#SafariSoulmates‘ technical execution was born from the #s4zoomwwworld experience.

This was a cool campaign. As an aside, just about 4 million users saw the campaign via facebook, twitter, instagram, Google+ & Pinterest, generating thousands of mentions and hundreds of entries. What you’d call UGC or user-generated content 🙂 Thanks to awesome teamwork, Getaway Magazine picked up the Safari Giveaway & A Luxury Travel blog too. There are a few hours left to enter so go check it out.

There are plenty more examples of solutions to share with you. Maybe I should expand this post with all the solutions derived from things that started here on this blog, first? If we continue the 5 finger cycle until the end of the challenge there’d be 5 solutions listed here at the end of 30 days.

1 down, 4 to go. Tomorrow’s topic will therefore be benefits. The second solution will be shared with you on Day 11. Stay tuned.

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Your are the first person in your social graph to know! Share it with your wwworld now 🗺️

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