23 GIFs that define the #30daychallenge thus far

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Inspired by Urban Enzo’s recent week in GIFs.

The continued rest appears to be working on day 14 of the challenge. ย Onwards & upwards.

Day 1

try somethign new for 30 days
What is this 30 day challenge about?

Day 2

bill & ted excellent adventures
Be excellent to each other

Day 3

hello kitty
So much positive and onlyย 3 days into the #30daychallenge

Day 4

we really get along all the time
Jewish & Muslim friends on almost every other topic

Day 5

Troy & Abed in the morning
High 5 Wave

Day 6

You don’t know how big the wwworld is?

Day 7

business ballet
Get off the couch

Day 8

It's not 1993
Learn the #newrules

Day 9

Balance in the plam of your hands
What rest did to the #30daychallenge

Day 10

Joe Botha
โ€œSpeak softly and carry a big idea.โ€

Day 11

Where are we going?
42 videos about the future

Day 12

but not
Too much time with Googlebot

Day 13

My people skills are fine actually.

Day 14

The #30daychallenge metamorphosis
Time to pivot

Due to Elan’sย SleekGeekย post on negativity this #30daychallenge is changing. I’ve reached my goal on day 9 ๐Ÿ™‚ ย so I’m going to use the rest of the challenge to answer all the questions I’ve receivedย from you over the past 14 days.

Day 15

Can you string a sentence together?
Can you string a sentence together?


Day 16

Morpheus Matrix Neo Gif
If I want to change my career to software development, where do I start?


Day 17

Did you know it's a spiral?


Day 18

Inception isn't just a movie


Day 19

How Change Occurs

Day 20


Day 21

undersea cable repair

Day 22

You've been tilling the soil for years
biodynamic farming anyone?

Day 23

blogging metamorphosis continues
Esse quam videri

PS: Most of these gifs are from the tumblr:ย This SEO Blog.

Your are the first person in your social graph to know! Share it with your wwworld now ๐Ÿ—บ๏ธ

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