Goodbye Adsense Cheques, Hello EFT!

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This blog’s secondary income source has always been Google Adsense. Back in the day when hosting with unlimited bandwidth was unheard of in South Africa. Facebook and Twitter didn’t exist and it was one of the few ways we could connect with like minded individuals. I’m happy to report those connections are still as strong as covalent bonds.

The only way Google could pay us for advertising was sending cheques from their tax havens via snail mail. The monthly visits to fnb where we had to explain why Google was sending us money got a bit irritating. The value was just enough to pay for overinflated hosting costs and then some.
Google Adsense payment in the past
Hosting costs have since bottomed out, we’re no longer updating our blogs as frequently as we used to, and so to has the value and frequency of cheques from Ireland.

After being unplugged and offline in Cape Town for 42 days I expected at least one envelop from GOOGLE in the mail. Not so. Postal strike maybe? No.

After logging into the Adsense platform I noticed that payments are on hold and EFT payments are now available. I may never have to go to a bank again. That is #winning in my books.

Right now Google is like parent giving us pocket money to get some ice cream. It is summer in Cape Town after all ๐Ÿ™‚

If you used to receive cheques from Google but haven’t in a while simply enter your bank account info for eft payments. Problem solved.

  • Finally! Those cheques were always a hassle.

  • Yeh, I’ve been doing the EFT thing for a good few months and it’s so much easier, no longer do I have to go into the brand and explain that I’m not some criminal trying to bring money into the country via a strange income stream that involves Ireland and Google o.O

    • I missed this due to my sabbatical. So much happens in so little time when you’re unplugged from the wwworld.

  • Melissa Andrews

    Does anyone know what IBAN you use – apparently SA banks don’t have an IBAN but I can’t change the payment method without putting one in!

    • Mike Laatz

      I have a similar problem. I can’t register my bank account (Standard Bank) because Google wants a SORT number, which the local banks don’t use.

      If anyone has an answer, please email me at