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If you are a Public Relations Professional or Marketing on behalf of a brand blogger outreach can be aย veryย time consuming process. Most people who blog in South Africa do it as a hobby and earn little or no income from their very own digital spaces in the wwworld.

So if you want guaranteed exposure from those bloggers you email and call numerous times a day have you ever considered paying them? Even though we are ‘just mere bloggers’ we have an audience and reach higher than some of the better know traditional avenues in digital and in most cases at a fraction of the cost of traditional online media buying. Blogger outreach in South Africa is actuallyย easier than this picture from Saturday’s rugby. Province!
blogger outreach south africa

One of those examples of blogger outreach platforms is MyScoop. An innovative way to extend the online branding of your company. We put you (the Advertiser) in touch with South African bloggers and Twitter accounts in order to publish sponsored media such as posts, press releases and tweets.

Here are some of the campaigns types Myscoop offers marketers:

  • Sponsored Postsย They allow you to choose which blogs you would like to write about your product or service. You have complete control over the cost and which blogs are part of your campaign. During the campaign creation process, you provide a specific brief to the bloggers which the bloggers would need to adhere to. Once the campaign has been created, bloggers will then notify you that they would like to be part of the campaign. The system generates a list of interested bloggers and displays their statistics and fees. You then choose which blogs you like and the bloggers create the content.
  • Sponsored Press Releases With Sponsored Press Releases, you supply content for the bloggers and they simply paste this onto their blogs. There is a substantial reduction in cost with this type of campaign as very little time is required by the blogger. This type of campaign adopts the same process flow as mentioned above.

There are also options of sponsored Tweets & Facebook posts. Currently there are over 1500, mainly South African blogs on the myScoop platform as well as nearly 500 twitter accounts and 150 Facebook fan pages. So most of the hard work when trying to find South African bloggers has been done for you.

Personally, I enjoy utilising the myScoop platform as they’re very transparent when it comes to the advertising relationships, with full disclosure of sponsored posts or paid for media. The way it should be.

Save yourself some time and try myscoop for your next marketing or public relations blogger outreach campaign. If you refer advertisers, like in the preceding link, you earn a nice commission too.

Your are the first person in your social graph to know! Share it with your wwworld now ๐Ÿ—บ๏ธ

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