Opel Adam hatches into our wwworld

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While having lunch with my family a few days ago my cousin asked if I saw the Opel Adam yet. After doing online marketing for a while it got me wondering how brands go from advertising, like the rest of this post is going to be, to a conversation piece while sharing a meal. It’s not often that my cousin and I have lunch together & I don’t think she reads this blog or my tweets. She’s about to hatch 😉 her second child & wish her all the best.

Opel is launching the Adam in South Africa in January 2015 and is poised to be a challenger for hatchbacks with it’s unique interior & exterior customisation options.

Opel Adam launch inside


I’d really love to take this for a test drive just to play with what appears to be a massive touch screen. For those of you in Durban check out the Opel Adam at Ushaka Car Park, Durban Beach Front & Blue Lagoon Beaches.

I wonder, how many Eve’s will be driving the Adam?

Meet the new Germans.