Get the Loadshedding App for South Africa (Android)

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Find out instantly when load shedding is going to happen and where. Use the apps early warning notification system to provide you with up date information on load shedding within your area or on your grid.. Use it on the road, in your office or home locations.
Loadshedding App
Date Published: 01/27/2015
With the current energy, or rather Eskom Loadshedding, crisis plaguing South Africa it is of utmost importance to know when and where you won't be without power. Now thanks to Load Shed by Devmoco available on the Google Play store Android users are able to instantly know the stage of load shedding in the areas on their choice directly on their mobile phones. We don't need to keep going to government websites to check or rely on inconsistent twitter updates.
5 / 5 stars