Lumia #MakeItHappen

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Some of you may remember the #30daychallenge to change numerous things in my life last year. Oh boy did I need a change. Overextending myself on the work front lead to many health complications and I ended up spending 42 days in hospital 🙁 Everything is ok on the health front with the help of a little chronic medication which I’ve been taking daily ever since. The only problem with chronic meds are the side effects and the biggest one being weight gain. I can no longer fit into most of my clothes but that is about to change with the Lumia #MakeItHappen campaign which I’ve been invited to be part of.

Over the next few weeks I’ll be spending less time behind a computer and more on the roads, mountains and along the beachfront to help me achieve my goal losing some weight, getting fit and running 5km without the need to take a break. Why running? I’m not the biggest fan of the gym and we live in such a beautiful city it’d be a sin not to enjoy the outdoors more. I really enjoy the simplicity of running. You can do it almost anywhere and the cost of water and fresh air, the 2 main ingredients are free 🙂

I’ll share my experience with you along the way from getting kitted out, eating healthy to the running programs and apps ill be using and I’d love for you to pledge, and share your progress with me too.

Check out the Lumia #MakeItHappen video to find out how to make your pledge. You can even see my barber Aubrey at around the 10 second mark.

If you want to commit to the goals you’ve been putting off every year, you can make it happen with Lumia right now. Lumia will also be giving away a Lumia 535 every week, so if you’re lucky, you could win by submitting your resolution!