The HTC One M9 leads the way

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It was 2010 and I was on a work trip to Singapore. I still used a Nokia Navigator as my phone of choice (for the navigation) and was dabbling with Android on the OpenMoko Neo Freerunner. It was right about this time that the HTC Desire was released in South-East Asia.

The HTC Desire was THE phone to have if you wanted a premium Google Android device if you were outside of the US. I still remember walking the hot and humid Singapore streets trying to find a handy(mobile phone) store that had the phone in stock. I finally found a shop a few blocks from my hotel and when I held it in my hand and turned it on. It was love at first sight. Just holding the HTC in your hand with it’s superior and premium build quality sent shivers down my spine. This hasn’t changed over the years after owning quite a few HTC devices including the Desire, One X, One M7 and now the One M8. I’m sure there was another HTC in there that I’ve owned but only had it for a short time before I dropped it and it killed the phone. Thankfully insurance quickly replaced it. That has been the only problem I’ve had with HTC apart from their lacklustre marketing in South Africa. These are now in the past.

Giving the #htconem9 a go. Mine for the next 2 weeks

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The good folks at HTC South Africa have finally started increasing their presence online and have started reaching out to bloggers (like me) and other online influencers. As I use the HTC One M8 as my primary device, and love it, switching to the M9 was as simple as signing in with my Google and HTC accounts. You can also use bluetooth/nfc to connect 2 HTC devices and transfer settings and data from your old phone to the new HTC One. This device is by far my favourite this year and would upgrade in an instant if my contract was due for an upgrade. I’m a huge HTC fanboy and using and reviewing the HTC One M9 has been an absolute pleasure.

Here are 50 things the HTC One M9 can do that your phone probably can’t


Your are the first person in your social graph to know! Share it with your wwworld now 🗺️

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