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Running a blog and sharing your interests via your various social media platforms is a time consuming task. Once your blog or social profiles have gained some traction suddenly a host of opportunities pop up. Rather, instances which should be advertising opportunities. Usually a brand’s agency or PR firm will start sending you their products to review in the hopes of you sharing them with your audience or even writing about them. At the moment my home office is littered with gadgets from selfie sticks to mobile phones and everything in between. All of them vying for your attention and time in the hopes of a review. Atop of all this the same agencies start asking about advertising on your blog which just adds more time consuming admin to something that in most cases are just a hobby. I still only blog because it’s fun to do. Having to deal with rate cards and a handful of account managers not so much but if you wanted to monetise your blog in the past you’d have to put up with it or not generate any decent revenue at all. Then along came Webfluential 🙂

Webfluential.com is the online platform helping brands across the globe find relevant social influencers, seed their content, and report on the value of their Influencer Marketing campaigns. We currently have over 2 500 registered influencers who can talk about your brand or product online, and together, reach over 80 million people across the globe.

If you have a blog with a decent number of visitors or your social media profiles have a good following I’d strongly suggest giving Webfluential a try. Sign up as an influencer (hate this word), connect your social accounts (twitter, facebook, instagram & youtube) and blog to the platform. You then create your own profile (See mine here) and set the price you’d like to be remunerated for disseminating a brand’s content through sponsored posts and social media shares.

Webfluential then handles all the admin for you while you can go on your merry way blogging and sharing content via social media as you normally would. Pretty soon you’ll start receiving emails from Webfluential that you’ve been shortlisted by a particular brand to run a campaign which in some cases leads to what they refer to as a job offer. This is where a brand will pay you, at the rate you specified, to participate in their online campaigns. You can then decline or accept the job offer.

If the job offer is accepted you will receive a campaign brief on the Webfluential platform with instructions on when and where said brand would like you to engage with them. I really enjoy the almost free reign you have in how you will share the content as it’s everything but copy/pasting press releases.

In the nearly 12 months that I’ve been using the Webfluential platform it has quickly become the number one source of revenue for this blog. If you wanted to make money blogging in South Africa (and beyond) give Webfluential a serious look.