11+1 Bitcoin Questions You Should Know the Answers to.

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I have as much interest in finance as you but the exponential rate of change at which disruptive tech is being applied to every aspect of our reality cannot be ignored. Finance or rather fintech included. Accounting was my least favourite subject at school then Cost & Management Accounting bored me to tears when I wanted to learn to code, What’s the use of being able to code if you do not understand the systems your code is impacting? Even though you may not care about technology, the same tech you are reading this on and have within reach at all times, everywhere. Remember your first cell phone or sending your first SMS?

There is more change happening right now than coins. – @rafiq


Reminds me of the Search Optimization Everflux. Diving deep into the (structured)data, de-siloed standard tags too, flashback 2004.ย John Oliver once said, “Cryptocurrencies: Everything you don’t understand about money combined with everything you don’t understand about computers.”

Here are 11 Questions about Bitcoin you should know the answers to while it’s not mandatory.

  1. Why should I invest my time learning about Bitcoin instead of watching my favourite show? It’s just an idea.

  2. How much was 1 BTC worth last year this time?

  3. Why isn’t normal money like Bitcoin?
  4. What is Bitcoin that other cryptocurrencies aren’t

  5. How do you use Bitcoin?

  6. Where do I save my Bitcoin?
  7. When will Bitcoin fail?
  8. Where can I find answers to all these questions?
  9. How does Bitcoin work?
  10. What is Bitcoin mining?
  11. How can Iย buy bitcoin?
  12. What is jfGi.cc?

we do next? #learn11

Your are the first person in your social graph to know! Share it with your wwworld now ๐Ÿ—บ๏ธ

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