The Advantages and Disadvantages of Laser Cutting

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Learn about the Pros and Cons of Using Laser Cutting Machinery


It is hard for modern production to function properly without the use of new technologies. Laser cutting machinery is no exception in helping develop products with a flawless finish.

Today, many products are incomplete without cutting, and this is when a laser cutting machine enters the picture. It helps complete the basic process of metal fabrication during the manufacture of various products.
Laser cutting uses powerful, ultra-light laser beams that support cutting, etching, and engraving. This action is aided by inert gas in the laser machinery.

Used in many different fields, laser cutting has many advantages over other cutting methods. At the same time, it also comes with a few drawbacks.
Letโ€™s explore the advantages and disadvantages of using laser cutting machines.

Advantage: High Precision

The high accuracy of laser cutting technology is one of its best advantages. It can be extremely difficult for human labor to be as precise and accurate when it comes to cutting and etching through materials. Additionally, the advancement of CNC innovation also adds to the high precision of laser cutter machines.

Advantage: Great Flexibility

Laser cutting machinery also offers great flexibility as the process does not require that change tools as you make each cut. You can use the same setup to carry out different tasks. What else? It is also incredibly easy to make intricate cuts. This means that you can flexibly take orders and run a laser cutting company.

Advantage: More Versatility

The versatility of using a laser cutting machine is probably one of the most important aspects. You can use laser cutting for various types of materials such as MDF, acrylic, wood, and paper, etc. Find a laser cutter machine for sale because you can also utilize it for other applications in your business and everyday life.

Disadvantage: Upfront Costs

Although a laser cutting machine eventually proves to be a good investment when used correctly, the upfront costs are a big disadvantage. These can rise up to ยฃ1,000,000. This means laser cutting machinery is twice as costly compared to other options.

Disadvantage: Limitations to Thickness of the Metal

If you compare laser cutting to other methods of thermal cutting, you will find that it sets limitations on metal thickness. This suggests that a laser cutting machine may not be so suitable for cutting through thicker plates. But, it is possible to cut metals that are up to 20 mm thick with laser cutting technology.

Frequently Asked Questions

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Can You Make Money with a Laser Cutter?

Although laser cutter machines are a big investment, they can bring loads of profit to your business. You can use your laser cutting machinery to produce personalized and individualized products. This adds uniqueness to the original product, attracting handsome profit.

What Can You Make and Sell with a Laser Cutter?

Laser cutting offers lots of business opportunities for producing laser cut products. If you want to earn profit as early as you can, start off with laser cut coasters, laser cut artwork, laser cut jewelry, laser cut clocks, etc.

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