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How Facebook Manages Its Data

With a massive user base of over a billion people, Facebook has sometimes (and quite humorously) been dubbed the biggest human database that ever existed in history. However, Facebook isn’t only a social network that stores data about users; it’s also a gigantic database that houses loads of ‘data about …

Facebook’s own PHP compiler

I’ll let you read all about Facebook new (Just in Time) compiler for PHP after yesterday rumours of Facebook rewriting the PHP runtime: Enjoyed reading Facebook’s own PHP compiler? Try these tooSex at Cape Town Garage!South Africa Education Department bans Open Source Software!Search and #TheFutureByDesign

TED Talks Facebook Application

Something you can’t get enough of (TED Talks) and something you would be better off doing less of (Facebook) are now combined …

Facebook Lite Launches

Facebook Lite is a faster, simpler way to keep in touch with your friends. If you like it, you may choose to …